About Us

Artisan Flying Club is a not-for-profit corporation with the members as shareholders.  The club owns its own aircraft.

The Club is managed by an executive team consisting of a president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, maintenance chief, and an at-large member.  We are disciplined about operating the Club with all the corporate formalities: regular meetings, with minutes, annual elections, committee activities, and so on. Most members own their own business or work in a business where this discipline is second nature, and that serious, professional attitude pervades all other aspects of Club operations, including safety, maintenance, training, and personal flying behavior.

To join the club a member buys shares valued to each aircraft they wish to fly.  Each share is valued at the clubs current assets. The Warrior is worth two shares, the Arrow is an additional three shares and the Lance is an additional five shares.  Click here for more information, or contact Artisan Aviation for current rates.

Family memberships are available at one-half share price, so that each member of a family living in the same household can enjoy the benefits of Club membership at a reduced share price.  Family members also pay half the regular monthly fee.

When a member leaves Artisan Flying Club, the Club buys back the member’s shares at the current share price.  Unlike most shared ownership arrangements, there is no requirement for the departing member to find a buyer for his share.  We have an upper limit on club members of 24 (to meet a target ratio of 8 pilots per airplane).  Our membership has ranged from 12 to 23 members over the past few years.

Members pay an hourly rate based on tach time, not Hobbs meter time, which includes fuel.  Use of tach time instead of Hobbs time usually results in a 10% lower-than-Hobbs time for cross country flights, and 15 to 20% lower-than-Hobbs time for local training flights.  Unlike renting, all rates are tax free since members are owners of the aircraft!  These rates revised periodically to cover debt service, fuel price changes, and maintenance reserves.

If you’d like to join Artisan Flying Club or just want more information, please consider attending one of our monthly meetings held the third Monday of every month at 7:30 PM in the US Airports conference room at 1265 Scottsville Road on the south side of KROC to learn more about the Club and meet our members in person. You can also arrange to tour the aircraft and our facilities.  Also, contact us using the form.